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  • Accounts Consolidation Solution eMerge
  • Microsoft Dynamics range of ERP (NAV, AX) and CRM solutions
  • Microsoft Technology based BI solutions
  • Customs software development
  • eMerge - Accounts Consolidation Solution

    Briefly functionality

    • Consolidation of subsidiaries , JVs, Associated Cos, Integral/Non-integral entities
    • Elimination of inter- company transactions
    • Minority interest computation – changes in holding %
    • Foreign currency Translations reserves
    • Presentation in IFRS and IGAAP formats, Cash flows, 212(8) reports etc
    • Passing of adjustment entries, carryover of certain entries
    • Notes to Accounts

    Brief Features

    • eMerge is completely AS 11 compliant and other AS which pertain to Consolidation like AS 3, AS 21,23, 27 etc
    • eMerge works Trial Balance onwards - it accepts trial balance from any accounting system ie Tally, Home-grown, SAP, People-soft etc . You may have disparate accounting system for your different entities. You don’t need standard single ERP solution.
    • eMerge allows you to define multiple hierarchies viz IGAAP-Schedule VI, IFRS, Internal MIS, Segment wise etc . You would be able to see consolidated view of any set of desired entities. In addition to statutory consolidation , it helps for MIS also.
    • eMerge comes with Pre-loaded report formats: Schedule VI and IFRS.
    • Easy modification of formats as per your requirements.
    • eMerge does Collaborative consolidation so it is fast , scalable and secure
    • Elimination of intra-group business and balances automatic and interactive
    • Dashboard view of consolidation status and pending activities, for follow-up.
    • Corporate lock once numbers are finalized- to prevent any changes.
    • Comparison with previous quarter, previous year, same quarter last year easily possible.
    • Re-grouping of previous year’s figures is handled elegantly in line with current year’s presentation.
    • Consolidate at intermediate holding entities.


    eMerge can be implemented in in 4-6 weeks time.


    Front end: ASP. Net and Back end : RDBMS either SQL server or Oracle. . You can use free version of Oracle or MS SQL as data size is not large


    • Allcargo Logistics Ltd.
    • Amtek Industries Ltd.
    • Bank of India
    • Bharat Forge Limited
    • Godrej Consumer Products Ltd
    • Godrej Properties Ltd.
    • Godrej Industries Ltd.
    • Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd.
    • John Deere
    • KPIT Technologies Ltd.
    • Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.
    • Lupin Ltd.
    • Marico Ltd.
    • National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.
    • Pepsico India Ltd.
    • Persistent Systems Ltd.
    • Suzlon Energy Ltd.
    • Tata International Ltd.
    • Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd.
    • Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Solution- NAV is complete end-to-end solution


    I need functionality that can connect every corner of my business
    Financial Management - Budget , Taxation, Dimensions, Analytics, Alerts, Costing
    Supply Chain Management - Purchase, Sales, Imports, Exports, Inventory, Subcontracting
    Manufacturing - Basic / Agile Manufacturing , Capacity / Supply Planning
    Service Management
    CRM , E-Commerce, Employee Portal ,Project Management


      I want my existing employees to use new solution - Very user friendly just like Microsoft Office products
    • Outlook like interface
    • One user interface for all users
    • Portal technology
    • Integrated Database
    • Integrated reporting
    • High Adaptability

    Ease of Implementation

      How soon can I start using?
    • Rapid Implementation Methodology
    • Data Migration – automation
    • Evolution v/s Revolution
    • Highly effective due to ease of change

    Ease of Management

      I want my existing systems people to manage new solution
    • Database Management (SQL Server )
    • Reduced System Management
    • Users are empowered – reports , ad-hoc reports etc
    • Lower TCO


    I want a system that helps me run my business the way I want
    Nav is parametric and can be customized to suit to your exact needs – No BPR essential
    Entire source code is at our disposal to map your requirement the way you want .
    System provides Report Designer, Data port designer, and Form Designer
    Modify existing forms , reports , tables, vouchers

    Iwant a solution that delivers exactly what I need without disrupting my business
    Nav has open architecture . Business Partners turns standard technology into solution for you – exactly what is needed
    It is delivered fast and cost effectively as entire source code is available.
    You can go for implementation in phased manner at pace which suits your business and needs . No need to hurry

    True on Line .

    I need a solution that gives me answers about my business fast.NAV allows you to make smart business decisions
    With accurate , up-to-date and timely data without wasting time.
    Gives you ability to drill down into details vertically and also horizontally
    Gives you answers you need using Business Analysis tools, Simulation Tools and forecasting tools

    Use knowledge

    I need a solution that helps me get the most out of customer relationships.NAV gives you powerful way to Satisfy customer - by providing you
    All the right information for every business interaction like customers, products, inventory, sales, financials, communications , documents
    Helps you get most of out of relationships - by cross selling , up selling , referencing , introducing new products

    I want to have a quick look at my business from any angle. Flexibility allows you to make analysis the way you want and the moment you want
    NAV offers virtually unlimited Dimensions to capture data – across system which turn into unlimited reporting criteria
    Facility to utilize filtering - additional criteria for reporting
    Telescopic presentation of reports allowing expanding and collapsing of data wherever and anywhere required.

    Competitive Edge
    I want to sharpen my competitive edge
    Respond fast and effectively to the market by Planning for change
    Streamlining interactions with vendors and customers Reducing purchasing costs
    Last minute changes to met customer expectation
    Choosing most cost effective manufacturing process
    Organizing and planning warehouse inventories
    Free your senior official to do more creative work


      I want solution which will last long and will grow with me
    • More than 100000+ customers in more than 135 countries
    • Backed by Microsoft R & D power
    • Target Growth area for Microsoft
    • Road map spelt out with Statement of Direction
    • Integrates smoothly with other Microsoft Products
    • Investment Protection
    • CustomerSource - PartnerSource

    Microsoft Technology based BI solutions - designing of BI solution as per customer requirements.

    Customs software development - bespoke commercial software development.